August 31

What’s Buggin’ Your Car?


How Drake’s Can Help You Pass INSECT-ion

Forgive us for the puns. Truly though, creepy crawlies are great for the circle of life, but they’re NOT so great for the life of your vehicle. The acidic nature of bug remains can eat through your clear coat given some time, and their exoskeletons act like little suits of armor which can scrape and cut through your finish. 

And they look…gross. Who wants to be driving around a time capsule of carnage? You brush your teeth to make sure people don’t know what you had for dinner last night, right? You AND your car have got a reputation to uphold.  

Now insects are most active in the warmer months when it gets up around 70 degrees, so during this time of year it’s an all-out assault as you drive down the highway.

Not to worry – Drake’s Carwash has got your back. Over and above our other two wash options, Drake’s ULTIMATE wash incorporates two additional components which increase your vehicle’s defenses: CARNAUBA WAX and CERAMIC PROTECTANT

            – CARNAUBA WAX helps deter bugs from sticking to your paint job. The smaller critters will slide right off, and the wax will make clean-up much easier for the big bugs — greatly reducing the chance of scratches.

            – And the CERAMIC PROTECTANT goes even further to adhere to the vehicle’s paint, creating a hydrophobic, hard-shell around your ride. (“Hydrophobic” doesn’t mean that your car will need counseling, it just means that it will repel water)

These two additions provide you with a veritable FORCE FIELD in the bug wars.

Remember, no matter which of our wash options you choose, if you’re not satisfied with the bug removal after your vehicle has exited the wash, simply tell your attendant, and they can spray it. Still not happy? Request a manager and ask to have it run back through the wash again.

And don’t forget, Drake’s also offers free vacuum time whenever you use any of our wash options — just in case any intruders made it inside. 

Because we’re in this together, and Drake’s is here to see that the bugs will not prevail.

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