July 20

Money’s Tight – Is the Carwash Worth It?


You Might Be Surprised Just How It Helps

Right now, lots of us are experiencing the economic pinch and looking for areas we can trim to save. Should carwashes make the cut?

Well, visiting the automatic carwash regularly actually helps you in a number of areas:

Your Investment –

For most people, their vehicle is among their most expensive investments. Having it regularly cleaned helps save money in the long run. Animal droppings, dirt, pollen, and even rain water often have acidic elements that will begin to break down finish and metal on your body work. Undercarriage rust inhibitors protect your exhaust system and extend its life before expensive replacements will be needed. And keeping your wheels clean helps to avoid damage and keeps you out of that tire shop lobby with the bad coffee…at least a little longer.

Your Planet –

People assume they can use less water by washing their car at home, but it’s simply not the case. At Drake’s Carwash, our systems use about 33% less fresh water than the average wash you’d give a vehicle in your driveway (150 gallons vs 55 gallons). The amount of water used in a carwash like ours is about the same amount of water you’d use running the hose for only 5 minutes. And when you wash at home, you’re running synthetic chemicals and detergents straight into the sewer system. But at Drake’s, the majority of the water from each wash is filtered, cleaned, and then re-used on other washes. You’re welcome, Earth!

Your Mental Health –

The average American is spending eight hours and 22 minutes per week in their car. That’s about 18 full days a year. And a poll of 2000 drivers found that 64 percent of them actually consider their car a friend (c’mon, you’ve named it, haven’t you?) Either way, the condition of it can’t help but affect our mental states. Studies have shown that a lack of cleanliness and order elevates our cortisol levels (read: stress). And we’ve got enough of that in our lives! Keeping a clean car is good for your soul and your brain!

Your Everything Else –

Ok, that might be overstating it a bit, but it’s true that when one area of your life is clean and organized, it tends to have a knock on effect to other areas. Your car is clean, so you begin to take better care of your house, your work project, etc. But of course, the opposite is true as well. Once we begin to let one area go, other areas begin to fall into disorder as well. Getting a regular automatic carwash is a simple way to inject order into your weekly rhythm of life. And Drake’s Carwash offers free vacuum time with every visit, so the inside can look just as good as the outside.

Learn more about any of our Wash Packages at https://websiteconnect.drb.com/drakescarwash/WashPackages.aspx, or stop by and find out why Drake’s Carwash continues to be the favorite local automatic carwash for the Cranberry community.

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