September 14

Undercarriage: The Forgotten Side of Your Car


— And Why It Matters More Than You Think —


Good friends will tell you when you’ve got something in your teeth. You couldn’t see it, so how else would you have known? (Poppyseed muffins should come with a warning.)

Your car’s also got a whole side you can’t see. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

The underside of your vehicle houses all kinds of vital parts that keep it safe and running. Keep in mind it’s only inches from the pavement as you’re hurtling down the highway every day. And if those parts go undefended for long, it can mean expensive repairs and even danger for you.


What Exactly Is Under There?

  • Body Frame and Axles (actually holding your car up and your wheels on)
  • Steering and Suspension (these work together through a series of joints to control both your left and right and your up and down movements)
  • Braking System (pressurized brake fluid gets sent to the calipers which press down giving you enough friction to stop)
  • Fuel Lines (your fuel pump sends gasoline from your tank through these lines to the engine)
  • Exhaust System Including Muffler, Catalytic Converter, and Tailpipe (waste generated in the engine gets sent through this system and cleaner and quieter before exiting)
  • Other Underbody Components Like Rocker Panels and Floor Pans (these reinforce the entire frame and make the whole vehicle safer in case of a collision)

Now paint and rust-proofing materials coat and protect these areas. Until they don’t. If these areas aren’t kept clean with coatings re-applied, the bare metal becomes exposed to the elements. Rocks, salt, temperatures, moisture, and more conspire to dismantle your entire undercarriage.

Your vehicle’s undercarriage also has drainage holes. Once they become clogged by dirt and debris, water can no longer escape. Afterward, that water can be sitting stagnant on your metal for hours or days. This, of course, creates a greater chance for rust and deterioration.

And we’re all aware of the effect rust holes have on an exhaust system (there’s only so loud you can turn up that radio). But did you know exhaust deterioration is also the reason 02 sensors often go bad? Your check engine light will be going off next.

Also, your wheel speed sensors help control your anti-lock brakes. If these take on grime, your ABS won’t respond as it should. This makes a clean undercarriage a safety issue!


So What’s the Solution?

You need an undercarriage wash as a regular part of your driving routine. Drake’s Carwash has 3 Wash Packages, and each includes a powerful undercarriage wash. This wash is going to knock off that salt, grease, and debris that your vehicle has picked up. And our ULTIMATE wash option also adds an Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor. The inhibitor forms an extra protective layer of film over the metal.


Regular undercarriage washing and protection extends the life of your vehicle and could make a difference in safety.

So don’t forget about your vehicle’s underside! There’s a whole lot going on down there.


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