September 14

Drake’s Carwash: Your Friendly Neighborhood Robot


-Up Close and Personal with this Amiable Automaton –


No, we’re not talking about Transformers or Terminators (thankfully). But the automated carwash IS a robot — or rather a series of robots working together.

A robot is simply a machine that carries out pre-programmed tasks. Yes, we’re a long way from “The Jetsons,” but robots have long played a role in manufacturing. However, as this short video from The Science Channel says, the automated carwash is “the biggest robot we come face to face with in our daily lives.” (not all of the specifications match our process at Drake’s, but the basic principles are the same)

So who is this particular robot, and how does it work?

  • First, the car rolls onto a Conveyor Track. A Correlator moves the car’s wheels left or right to align it. This conveyor will then push/pull the car through the entire tunnel.
  • Infrared Sensors (called “eyes” – it is a robot after all) gauge the location of the vehicle at all times and communicate to turn off and on the various steps of the wash. This is also how the carwash can adjust to any size vehicle.
  • PreSoak Jets spray a solution to wet the vehicle and begin to loosen dirt. And then Foam Bath is also applied.
  • While side blasters send pressurized water to rinse, a number of motorized arms clean the vehicle. Top Brush spinning arms go above. Side washers and wrap-around washers get the front and sides. Sensors ensure that only the brushes touch the exterior while the arms move at a safe distance.
  • Nozzles spray Drying Agent onto the vehicle which causes water to bead greatly decreasing dry time. Then Spot-Free Rinse is sprayed on.
  • Mounted arms underneath spray powerful rinse to clean dirt and grime from the undercarriage.
  • Before reaching the end of the conveyor track, high-horsepower Dryers mounted on all sides quickly blow off the majority of the excess water.

And these are just the basics from our Express Wash! Drake’s Carwash has 3 Wash Packages, and the Signature and Ultimate washes involve even more components.


So come by and see us, and you can tell everyone a robot cleans your car.

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