August 31

Protect Your Investment for $1


How Little it Costs to Keep it Clean –

Americans, on average, spend about $165 a day. On most things from essentials to entertainment, we have choices. But we tend to set things in place, and then once we’ve done so, find ourselves a life-rhythm: auto-pay the housing and utilities, scramble every August for the kids school supplies, fill up the tank at the station with the free air, stop for the double-foam mochalatte (with sprinkles, I know I told the barista sprinkles).

Life IS expensive, and so starting to spend an additional $30 a month for carwash can easily be something you’ll keep doing LATER.

But think about the fact that we spend roughly $10 every day on eating food out (coffee alone making up 5 or 6 of this).

You could have unlimited access to a car wash for about $1 PER DAY.

Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments and where you spend a lot of time. And Drake’s Carwash offers 3 different wash packages, free vacuum time for every visit, and an “Go Unlimited” monthly payment option for any of them — meaning you come as often as you like!

Our Express package costs about .73¢ per day

Our Signature package costs about $1.06 per day

And our Ultimate package costs about $1.16 per day

Do you have somewhere you could save $1 per day right now? You’re creative, I know you are. There’s all kinds of ways. For example, did you know that at a particular popular coffee establishment, you can get a Chai tea instead of a Chai tea latte — and you’ll get free refills and save $1.80?

You’ve got your own ideas, I’m sure.

Learn more about our “Go Unlimited” wash packages at

And put that dollar to work for you and your ride.


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