July 20

5 Gas-Saving Tips for Summer


How to Go Farther for Less

We all know, it’s painful at the pump right now!

That’s why Drake’s Carwash wants to provide you with 5 easy-to-remember tips for how you can make things a little less painful on you and your wallet.

1. A Minute’s the Limit – If you anticipate your car is going to be idling for a minute or more, you are better off to kill the engine. In the past, vehicles took quite a bit of gas to start, but today’s technology requires almost none (some say starting takes as little as 7 seconds worth of idling gas). And just 2 minutes worth of idling is equal to you driving a mile. Now this ISN’T recommended for stop and go traffic where response time is key, but if you’re idling in a safe spot, remember – a minute’s the limit!

2. Stay Cool and Save – Did you know there’s a best time of day to purchase gas? Morning or evening usually can save you money because in the heat of the day, the high temps will drive down gas density. What does that mean? You didn’t come here for a science lesson, but basically it means if it’s hot you are getting less bang for your buck at the pump! So fill up when it’s cooler, and you’ll save.

3. Slower is Cheaper – There’s a couple reasons it saves on gas money to drive more slowly. First, speed increases drag on the vehicle which requires more fuel consumption. Second, driving faster is going to require you to use the brakes more – lowering your overall efficiency. Leave the racing to Vin Diesel, and save on your gas.

4. Let GPS Lead – Some GPS software (like Google Maps) now offers an option to choose the most “eco-friendly” route. Rather than picking the fastest route, these programs show you which way will save you the most on gas – with some tests reporting a 5% overall savings (which adds up!). This is done by leading you down paths with that have constant speed, less hills, and fewer traffic jams.

5. Tuning Up Keeps Costs Down – A number of simple proactive measures keep your vehicle at peak-efficiency: properly inflated tires, clean air and fuel filters, and maintaining oil changes. In short, the less your car is fighting maintenance issues, the more it’s taking you smoothly down the road.

And while you’re saving on gas, Drake’s Carwash wants you looking your best. That’s why we offer a number of packages to keep your fleet looking sweet. We’re the local choice for a Cranberry automatic carwash with free vacuum time on every visit. Our monthly Wash Packages make it simple and cost-effective to stay spotless.

Learn more about any of our packages here: https://websiteconnect.drb.com/drakescarwash/WashPackages.aspx

This summer stay safe, stay clean, and save on gas money!

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