June 7

Keep Your Fleet Looking Sweet


What a Clean Car Says About Your Company

We’ve all seen bad logos: a graphic designer’s tagline written in Comic Sans font; an architect’s house illustration made with crooked lines; an art museum logo that’s just plain ugly. You wonder, what were they thinking?! We instinctively understand the power of branding and how it gives the public a first impression (for better or worse) of who a company is and what they are about. But for as much care and consideration as we put into our brand image, sometimes we forget the messages sent by the state of our company vehicles which are bearing that branding.

Some strong first impressions that clean vehicles give:

YOUR COMPANY CARES – Simply put, a clean vehicle says you care. It matters to you how even the small things are handled, so customers can trust that you’ll handle their bigger matters for them with integrity and intention.

YOUR PEOPLE ARE DISCIPLINED – Did you know 51% of people end a first date early if the date shows up in a dirty car? Having a clean vehicle shouts something about character – that details matter and you see things through instead of just looking for places to cut corners.

YOUR EMPLOYEES TREAT CUSTOMERS WELL – If employees seem unconcerned about what their boss thinks (who signs their paychecks), how much less will they care about customers? Employees who take the company vehicle seriously will also take the work seriously.

Need further convincing? Imagine you are trying to choose between two unknown companies who provide the same services. You happen to see both their vans out on the road. One’s is spotless, and the other’s has “WASH ME” finger-painted into the muck on the back windows. Which company are you calling?

Drake’s Carwash wants the public to see the very best when they notice your company “on the road.” That’s why we offer Corporate Programs that make it quick and hassle-free for your employees to regularly get in, get out, and get back on the job. And all our packages include free vaccum time!

Start a conversation to learn more by filling out our online form here: https://drakescarwash.com/fleet-programs/. We’ll get back to you in just a few days to discuss options and details. And keep your fleet looking sweet with Drake’s Carwash – Pittsburgh’s choice for a high-tech, environmentally-friendly carwash at an affordable price.

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