May 17

Not Washing Your Car is Expensive


We all know a regular carwash helps your car keep looking its best, but did you know it can also save you money?

The world is a dangerous place for your vehicle. Forget about other drivers; each day, its exterior is coming into contact with bugs, dirt, pollen, salt, construction debris, bird droppings, tree sap (and that latte you forgot to take off the roof). Even rain leaves mineral deposits on the finish each time it dries.

The moment any of these land, they start to go to work on your investment. Think about the progressive damage they do to your:

FINISH – If your vehicle has regular and sufficient protection, you’ve bought yourself a little time, but chemicals will begin to break down the finish and come through to your paint. If finish has been allowed to wear thin, these elements will get right on to that next layer.

PAINT – These attackers will go after your paint job next. Many of their chemicals (salt especially) are corrosive in nature – breaking bonds at the molecular level. And then it’s onto the actual metal.

BODY – Once through the paint job, your car’s body will start to break down. Rust areas will form and then fall away. Before long – you’ll be driving around one more “holey roller.”

As you might imagine, each of these progressive levels of damage comes with an increasing level of expense! From recoating your finish, to spot repainting, all the way down to comprehensive rust and body repair. Allowing these elements to sit on your exterior can begin to cause that damage within just a matter or days.

That’s why it makes good financial sense to have a carwash as part of your regular routine – continually knocking off those harmful deposits and keeping a healthy layer of protection – saving and preserving your investment.

Drake’s Carwash provides a number of different wash packages including our “Go Unlimited” plan which allows you to drop in anytime you’d like for one low monthly payment. And all our washes include free vacuum time, so you can get the inside looking just as nice as the outside.

That’s why we’re the choice that car owners trust in the Greater Pittsburgh area to protect their investment.

Learn more about any of our locations, options, and packages at

Come see us often, and save yourself some money in the long run!

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