October 7

Keep It Clean and Save


— Why Spotless Vehicles Increase Fuel efficiency —

Thinking of selling a kidney to offset prices at the pump? We get it – it’s rough out there right now. But there is something simpler you can do to help. It involves the big word: Aerodynamics

No, not that clothing store at the mall. Aerodynamics is the study of moving air and its interaction with objects around it. And it can make a big difference in how much fuel gets used to move a vehicle from point A to point B.

The smoother the airflow, the lower the drag and the less fuel a vehicle burns at a specific speed. Auto manufacturers have been working on this since the 1930s – curving the metal in ways that allow air to pass more smoothly. They’ve done all kinds of things like rounding the edges, tucking the exhaust system, and adding spoilers. These modifications reduce drag and crosswind push. Making a car, truck, or bus move more efficiently through the air.

But you’ve got a part to play too! Have you heard people say that dirty cars get better gas mileage? Apparently, some have had the idea that a dirty car was somewhat like a golf ball. The dirt causes a kind of “divots” along the vehicle which could make it sail through the air. Well, the show “MythBusters” took on this rumor to see if it was true. And what did they find? Quite the opposite.

This Discovery Channel show puts common rumors, myths, and wives tales to the test to see if they hold water. You can view the intro to this particular episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zLVazw1PJ4. The team ran the same vehicle 10 times down a 1-mile track – checking fuel efficiency. 5 times clean, and 5 times dirty. They found the dirty car averaged 24 miles per gallon, while the smooth, spotless car averaged 26mpg. That’s 10% less gas used by the clean car – proving the exact opposite of the tall tale. The clean car reduced drag and crosswind push – meaning the engine doesn’t have to “work as hard” to propel the vehicle.

In other words: MYTH-BUSTED!

That means you could be saving up to 10% on your fuel bill simply by keeping your ride smooth and spotless. Run the math – at today’s gas prices, what could that save you?

Drake’s Carwash can keep you slicing through the wind and saving with one low monthly payment. Our Unlimited memberships allow you to drop in as often as you like, and use a dedicated lane for members. Then you get back on the road clean and smooth. We even offer free vacuum time with each visit.

And there’s no long-term commitment. You just pay monthly.

So stop by and see us a Drake’s Carwash – Pittsburgh’s choice for a high-tech, environmentally-friendly carwash at an affordable price.

And pay a little less at the pump. Because now you know a clean car saves you money. It’s science.

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