September 14

How Will Resale Classify Your Car?


— And Why it Pays to Stay in Top Condition —


Unless you plan to drive it until the wheels fall off, that day is coming. The day where you part with your trusty steed. Almost any buyer will want to categorize it to determine a fair price.

Next to mileage, the condition of a vehicle is the biggest consideration for resale.

Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, Auto Trader, etc. — each has its distinctions, but the broad categories are the same. The way you maintain your vehicle has a lot to do with which category you end up in. And being in one category versus another often means the difference of hundreds or thousands of dollars in the resale value.

So what are these categories?


For Exterior:

Excellent – looks new, no rust, no bodywork, doesn’t need any repairs, free of wear or visible defects, wheels are flawless

Good – no body damage, a few dings or scratches, no rust, paint job still shiny, wheels are flawless

Fair – repairable rust; multiple dents, chips, and/or scratches, wheels with minor repairable scratches

Poor – severe rust, damage to multiple car panels, wheels warped/bent which may need replacement


Getting regular washes and protection can change which category you end up in. How? Because leaving dings, dirt, and grime unchecked is what causes most of that damage.

How this works with your car’s layers of defense:

Wax/Protectant/Inhibitor – With regular applications (like those in Drake’s “Ultimate” wash package) an extra layer of protection gets added to the clear coat. This reduces the risk of scratches and prevents UV damage.

Clearcoat/Sealant – This outer layer of transparent finish keeps objects from coming into contact with your paint job. You want to wash off any objects or particulates that sit on this layer before the scratch it.

Paintjob – This is the color on your vehicle. So once it gets scratched or dinged, the damage is visible. Any objects that stay in this layer can continue to cause further harm.

Body – After the metal becomes exposed, your vehicle is open to rust, and repair is the next step. Give rust enough time, and you’ve got holes!


Getting a regular wash and protectant application can keep scratches, dings, and chips at a minimum. And that could mean the difference in how your vehicle gets classified when you go to sell.

Drake’s Carwash has affordable monthly packages that give you an express lane for quick, unlimited access. And we offer free vacuum time, so you can keep your interior in top shape too.


So the sooner you make Drake’s part of your routine, the better you’re going to look at resale!


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