November 29

The Reviews Are IN


— Why People Love Drake’s Carwash —

In today’s world, when people take to the internet, they don’t normally have something nice to say. But Drake’s Carwash now has over 200 Google reviews. And we average a 4.5-star rating!

We always strive to be the very best carwash serving the Cranberry area but it’s nice to hear it from others. So if you’ve had questions about Drake’s, our customers have answers!

How is Drake’s any different?

“Excellent high-tech car wash- total experience drive-through with all the perks and finishing touches. An excellent vacuum cleaning system as well one of a kind! If you live in the area the monthly subscription is also killer unlimited car washes for a flat fee.” – Joel

That’s right Joel. Our monthly Unlimited Packages give you access to all our great features as often as you like.

“I love the accessibility of the vacuums – it’s great that you have them on both sides of the vehicle so you don’t have to awkwardly stretch the hose!” – Maria

We did that just for you, Maria. But seriously, everyone gets free vacuum time on each visit to Drake’s.

Do they really take care of customers?

“I went here for the first time today, and I’m hooked! When I got there I was reading all of the options and a man came and walked me through everything which was SO helpful and appreciated!!!”  – Katie

Three exclamation marks, Katie? We’re blushing. But we do like to make it easy for customers.

“Employees of drakes are awesome and kind. Carwash does an amazing job on my Subaru thanks for being awesome.” – Joshua

You’re awesome, Joshua. May you and your Subaru enjoy a happy life together.

Are they actually the best carwash near me?

“Definitely the top carwash in PGH. Staff is very personable and helpful. Reasonable prices and vacuums that could take the chrome off your bumper. I have monthly subscription and have not been disappointed.”  – Brett

We won’t argue with you, Brett. They are indeed strong vacuums.

“My husband washes all cars by hand and he thought this was a touchless car wash since it was so good. I’ll go back again!!!” – Margaret

So happy we could fool him, Margaret! You can also tell him that Drake’s uses 1/3 less water than washing your car at home. Earth-friendly!

“Not one of the best, the best car wash in town!! I don’t even write reviews but had to in this case…The unlimited value monthly payment is beyond believable…Thanks Drake’s… I am hooked after 1 wash!”  – Thomas

We’re so glad you chose to write a review for us! And glad that out of all the options in town, you think Drake’s is the best. That’s what we’re after!

So if you haven’t given Drake’s a try, stop by and see what all the hype is about. We’d love to make you and your car look like STARS too!

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