December 16

Members Tend to Remember


Why They Keep It Clean (and Keep It Cheap)

People joke about gym memberships and how so many go unused. But the reality is, people who pay for gym memberships, really do go! (Most of them, anyway.) Statistics show that 75% of those with gym memberships go at least once per week. And 56% go at least twice per week. Why? Because they’ve put in an investment, and they’ve made a commitment. This keeps the gym more top of mind and makes them more likely to drop in. And, they’ll be grateful they did when they see the benefits!

It’s the same principle with carwash memberships. Statistics show that people who make the best use of the carwash are the ones who have a monthly membership. Think about it. It’s easy to just skip it when you haven’t made a commitment. You tend to put it off until “tomorrow,” but before you know it, it’s been months since you’ve had a wash. Now salt, dirt, bugs, and other minerals have had time to wreak havoc on your finish. 

But once you’ve invested in a monthly membership, there’s no reason NOT to go. The decision to invest the money has already been made, so it’s not a hurdle. In fact, with unlimited memberships (like Drake’s Carwash offers), every time you visit, per month, it costs you less money per visit. The carwash gets cheaper each time you come. This incentivizes members to come often – knowing they are getting great bang for their buck.  

Plus, our “Go Unlimited” members get access to a Dedicated Express Lane. So they’re likely to spend even less time getting in and out of the wash than other customers. And everyone likes to feel special. When people sign up for a monthly membership, they have given their loyalty, in a sense. For that loyalty, they’d like some kind of special treatment. It just feels good! 

So in the end, membership has all kinds of benefits:

  • Members Keep It Clean – For the reasons above, they’re more likely to turn up regularly. And since they’ve already stopped in, they can use Drake’s free vacuum time to keep it just as clean inside as out.
  • Members Keep It Protected – Because they are coming in on a regular basis, the elements are getting washed off, not having time to do major damage to the finish or undercarriage. This is saving money in the long run on repairs.
  • Members Keep It Cheap – Because our “Go Unlimited” Wash Packages are, well, unlimited, members can drive down the average price of stopping in. At roughly a dollar per day, our membership packages just make good financial sense (And right now, it’s cheaper than ever. For a limited time, you can buy any unlimited plan and the second month is only $0.01!).

And if you’ve still got commitment issues, don’t worry. With Drake’s, there’s no long-term commitment. Pay month-to-month, and stop whenever you like!

Drake’s has three different “Go Unlimited” plans. Click here to learn more about them. []

Drake’s Carwash memberships – easier than signing up for a gym. And quicker results! 

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