May 24

An Overview of the Benefits of a Subscription Carwash


It’s no secret that cars are one of the most expensive assets that the average American owns. These days, even the cost of a used car is on the rise. When you’ve made such a large investment in your car, you’re going to want to do everything you can to maintain its value and quality.

What if we told you that there’s a way to keep your car clean and protected from the elements all year round without breaking the bank? With Drake’s Carwash, you can access our premium wash packages for less by going unlimited.

Subscription carwash services are a complete game-changer for car owners. Never again will you have to think twice before bringing your car in for a cleaning.

Ready to learn more? Read on to discover the benefits of a subscription carwash.

Save Money With Every Wash

At Drake’s Carwash, we already work hard to keep prices low. We offer three wash packages that single-time or infrequent customers can take advantage of whenever they choose. These wash packages include our Express package for $10 per wash, our Signature package for $17 per wash, and our Ultimate package for $20 per wash.

Subscription packages are available at a monthly rate of $21.99 for Express services, $31.99 for Signature services, and $34.99 for Ultimate services. When you invest in our subscription carwash service, you’ll save money with just three Express carwashes or two Signature or Ultimate carwashes per month.

Plus, you won’t have to pay each time you come in for a carwash. That means that even when you don’t have cash on hand or don’t want to break out the credit card, you can still access your favorite carwash services, including an undercarriage wash, free vacuum, and more.

Wash Your Car as Often as You’d Like

There’s no worse feeling than getting your car washed when the weather looks clear only to discover that there was surprise rain or snow in the forecast. You just spent money to wash your car and it’s already dirty. Do you really want to go and spend another $10 to $20 to do it again?

When you have access to a subscription carwash, you don’t have to make these kinds of decisions. You can feel free to wash your car any time you like, no matter the forecast, knowing that you can always go again in the next few days at no extra charge.

What if you’ve been driving around with kids or pets and your interior is now a mess? You can also come in any time you’d like to use our free vacuum, keeping your seats and floors clean of debris.

Save Time With Our Express Lane

We are grateful to all our subscription holders at Drake’s Carwash. We’re always looking for ways to show our appreciation beyond the monthly savings that our subscription packages offer.

When you come in after a long day at work or take time out of your weekend to go get your car cleaned, you don’t want to wait in a long line. You can’t always come in during “off” hours when the lines are short, so how can you save time at the carwash?

You’re looking for a quick and pleasant experience from your local carwashing service. That’s why we reserve an express lane for Unlimited members at all times, no matter how long the lines get.

Take Advantage of State-of-the-Art Technology

Washing your car at home takes time and doesn’t always produce the best results. After all, your microfiber cloths can only do so much when combined with the force of elbow grease.

At Drake’s Carwash, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art carwashing technology without having to lift a finger. Gentle felt and microfiber cloths apply pressure and friction to allow carwashing chemicals to emulsify and lift away stuck-on dirt and debris from the hood of your car to your tires. A drying agent ensures that you’re left with no streaks or unsightly spots while products like carnauba wax and tire shine leave your car looking as good as new.

These premium carwash services are hard to beat. With your carwash subscription, you’ll never have to supplement your top-of-the-line carwashes with second-rate methods.

Give Your Car a Longer Lifespan

As we mentioned earlier, cars are only getting more expensive. As a car owner, you don’t want to have to replace your car any time soon after purchasing it.

According to the experts, taking the time to get your car washed on a regular basis is one of the best things that you can do to make your car last longer. Let’s take a look at how regular visits to Drake’s Carwash can help.

Keep Rust at Bay

Rust is the number-one destroyer of cars and their individual components. Even if you manage to tackle rust before it takes over, you may have to replace expensive parts, like your wheels, gas tank, suspension, and exhaust system.

By applying rust inhibitor to your undercarriage and wheel bright during your tire shine, we add a layer of protection to all that exposed metal. When it comes to rust, it’s always better to be proactive than reactive, and regular applications can keep rust from forming in the first place.

Protect Your Paint

The paint on a car does more than give the vehicle a complete, stylized look. It also protects the metal body beneath it from rust, corrosion, and other damage that would ultimately make the car inoperable over time. The question is, what’s protecting the paint?

A lot can damage your paint job, from scrapes to road salt to natural elements. That’s why our Unlimited package comes with ceramic protectant and carnauba wax, both of which can add a layer of protection to your paint job while giving your car that shiny, off-the-lot look that drivers crave.

Maintain Value

Chances are, there will come a time when you want to sell or trade in your vehicle. Because the cost of cars will only continue to increase, you’re going to want to get the maximum value out of your current vehicle to help you afford the next one.

As we’ve mentioned already, the exterior of your car can go through some serious wear and tear over the years. When you don’t wash your car and let that wear and tear continue to build up, you’re looking at some expensive damage that will cut into the value of your car. By getting your car washed a few times a month, you minimize and prevent damage and preserve the value of your car.

Use Less Water to Clean Your Car

Clean water is not the unlimited resource that we once thought it was. For environmentally-conscious car owners, saving water takes priority over keeping their cars clean. With premium carwash services, you can get a better clean using far less water than you would at home.

Believe it or not, you’re using an average of 100 gallons when you wash your car with a hose in your driveway. Plus, any chemicals that you’re using are making their way into your yard and local sewage system, which may have damaging effects.

At Drake’s Carwash, we prioritize environmentally-friendly practices. Each car wash uses about 40 gallons of water, most of which we recapture in our runoff system. Once the water from your carwash is collected, it’s purified and used for the next car, allowing us to maximize water savings.

Keep Your Car Clean All Year Round

When you think of washing your car in the driveway, you’re probably thinking of a warm spring or summer day. Washing your car at home can mean getting wet in the process, so it’s not something you’ll feel inclined to do when the weather cools down. The reality is that all year round, there are important reasons to keep your car clean, and a drive-through car wash makes that feasible—especially when you have an unlimited subscription.

The Importance of Spring and Summer Carwashing

As the weather starts to shift back to spring and summer temperatures, we see a ton of growth in the Pittsburgh area. The tulips start to bloom, the leaves come back on the trees, and the pollen levels are high.

Nothing is worse than that thick film of yellow pollen your car gets when you drive around in the spring and summer. A carwash subscription can keep your car looking shiny and clean despite the active growth. Plus, our rain shield will keep water spots at bay as those spring and summer storms roll through Allegheny and Butler County.

The Importance of Fall and Winter Carwashing

Temperatures drop quickly in Western PA, and with low temperatures come snow, ice, and that dreaded road salt. While road salt makes the roads safer by preventing ice and snow buildup, it can also do some serious damage to your car.

The undercarriage of your car is made almost entirely of steel. When road salt latches onto exposed metal, it creates rust. Our undercarriage rust inhibitor will protect the undercarriage of your car from developing rust spots, while our spot-free rinse will wash away all that unsightly salt from your paint and tires.

Choose From Tiered Subscription Packages

We already mentioned that our basic subscription packages are divided into three levels: Express, Unlimited, and Ultimate. With each tier, you access more cleaning technology to leave your car looking and feeling brand-new. These three packages allow you to access unlimited carwashes no matter your budget or carwashing priorities.

In addition to these three tiers, we offer family and corporate plans. When you have more than one car in your household or you’re operating a fleet of vehicles for your business, you can access even more discounts to keep all those vehicles clean.

Plus, all our carwash subscription holders gain access to exclusive deals, add-ons, and specials throughout the year. At Drake’s, you can make even the tightest budget work wonders.

Cancel Your Subscription Carwash at Any Time

You might not need carwash services in the Pittsburgh area every month of the year. Does signing up for a subscription mean that you’re locked in for six months, a year, or even for life? Will you have to keep paying your monthly dues even when you’re not taking advantage of our carwash services?

The simple answer is no. When you sign up for a carwash subscription through Drake’s, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

If you’re moving, going out of town on an extended trip, or simply want to prioritize your spending on something else, we won’t make it difficult to drop your subscription. Then, if you decide to come back in the future, we’ll be thrilled to have you!

Support a Local Company

These days, it’s easy to buy all sorts of products online or source your services from a national franchise. Everywhere you look, there are companies that can shop with that aren’t headquartered in your town. That means that the money you spend isn’t always getting directly reinvested where you live.

Drake’s Carwash is a local Cranberry business that is proud to serve Cranberry and Pittsburgh residents. Giving back to our community is one of our biggest passions, which is why we partner with our customers to support local organizations and non-profits. When you support a local company, you support your community at large.

Sign Up for Drake’s Subscription Carwash Services Today

You love your car and you’ve invested a lot of money into it. If you had the opportunity to invest a little more to get a ton of long-lasting benefits, why wouldn’t you? With Drake’s subscription carwash services, you can do exactly that.

Do you have questions about our carwashing practices or membership plans? Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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