Environment & Technology - Drake's Car Wash

Environment & Technology

Did you know that the average homeowner uses 160 gallons of water per driveway carwash? Not only that, but the runoff from driveway washes is full of harmful grime, residue and chemicals that go straight into nearby waterways.

Superior equipment = a superior wash.

  • Conveyor
  • Presoak
  • Closed Cell Foam Wash
  • High Pressure Wash & Rinse
  • Rinse, Shine & Dry

At Drake’s, only 40 gallons of water is used per wash and all 40 gallons are reclaimed by our advanced water recycling system. The runoff is filtered, reused and goes through the proper channels for treatment before reentering the community.

Feel good about getting your car washed at Drake’s.

Every gallon matters. We take pride in protecting our customers vehicles as well as the environment.