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8 Benefits of Investing in a Carwash Subscription


These days, there are subscriptions available for everything. Whether it’s a streaming service, a food box, or otherwise, it can bring a great deal of convenience and consistency to your life.

That said, did you know that you can get a carwash subscription? Carwash subscriptions offer a variety of benefits and, ultimately, make your life better. Learn more about the benefits of investing in a carwash subscription by reading below!

1. You Only Have to Pay Once a Month

First, let’s discuss the cost of carwash subscriptions. In most cases, these subscriptions come at a single low price every month. Pay this price on time and you’ll be open to all the benefits of your subscription.

This is beneficial in that you won’t have to worry about paying every time you go to the carwash. Let’s say you take a quick drive down the street and leave your wallet behind. At the last second, you decide that you want to have your car washed.

Since you have a subscription, you can do so. You don’t need any money because the carwash has already been paid for.

In fact, in most cases, you can set up recurrent payments so that you never have to worry about it. Once you’ve set up your recurrent payment, you can go to the carwash without a worry until you’ve decided to cancel your subscription.

2. You Can Get Your Car Washed as Often as You’d Like To

Generally speaking, it’s advised that you wash your car every 2 weeks. However, you might wish to wash your car more than that. With a carwash subscription, you can do so at no added price.

Yes, carwash subscriptions come with unlimited washes. So, if you like to wash your car a lot, there’s no doubt about it: a carwash subscription is the most cost-effective choice for you.

This also benefits you on those occasions when your car gets unexpectedly dirty. For instance, you might have gone to a music festival and been forced to drive through mud. But because you have a carwash subscription, you won’t need to pay any extra money to get your car clean.

3. You’ll Be Able to Wash Your Car Faster

Here at Drake’s Carwash, we have two lines. One of these is the standard line for those who purchase per wash. The other is a line designed specifically for subscription members.

The subscription membership line is usually shorter. Because of this, if you have a subscription, you can get your car washed much faster than you would be able to otherwise.

So, if you’re a busy person with not a lot of time to spare, you should strongly consider getting a subscription. Not only will it enable you to get through the carwash quicker, but it will also enable you to wash your car on occasions in which you wouldn’t otherwise have the time.

4. You’ll Receive a Variety of Other Car Cleaning Services

When you buy a carwash subscription, you don’t just receive standard car cleanings. You also receive a variety of other cleaning services. Some of these are provided in full, while others come with discounts.

For instance, maybe you want to have your car waxed on a regular basis. There are carwash subscriptions that offer that.

Perhaps you want your tires to shine? Again, there are subscriptions that will give this to you.

To show you just what you can get with your membership, we’re going to discuss the various alternative cleaning services below.

Tri-color Foam Application

Tri-color foam is a substance consisting of carnauba wax, mineral seal oil, and various other substances. It not only deep cleans cars thoroughly but also serves to wax and shine them as well. In doing so, it causes accumulated water to bead and slide off the vehicle.

Having tri-color foam applied to your vehicle can enhance its look while also protecting its paint. Many carwash subscriptions offer tri-foam applications. If you want this added service on a regular basis, consider buying a carwash subscription.

Tire Shine Application

A standard carwash will get your tires clean. However, it won’t enable them to shine at all. They’ll still have that dull, rubber-laden appearance.

Fortunately, there’s something you can use to enhance the look of your tires. It’s called tire shine. When applied to the tires, it gives them a smooth glow that instantly improves their look.

Interested in having a tire shine applied to your vehicle on a regular basis? Again, there are carwash subscriptions that will accommodate you.

Wheel Bright Application

Not only can a carwash do something to enhance the look of your tires but the look of your wheels as well. This specifically includes the chrome parts of your wheels, such as the hubcaps.

Namely, your carwash can apply wheel bright, a solution that thoroughly cleans and cleanses chrome wheel components. Not only does it break down hard-to-remove residue but it also leaves the wheel with a stunning shine.

If you want to use wheel bright on a regular basis, you should strongly consider getting a carwash subscription. This way, you can have your wheels brightened every time you go to the carwash.

Ceramic Protectant Application

Over time, your vehicle is likely to encounter a range of different elements. Whether it’s stones being kicked up by a vehicle in front of you or branches falling from trees, these could very well cause your vehicle minor paint damage.

This is why it’s wise to protect your vehicle’s paint with a ceramic protectant. Ceramic protectant is a coating that dries onto vehicles. Once dry, it provides an extra layer of protection for the auto paint below.

If you want a ceramic protectant applied to your vehicle regularly, you should seriously consider purchasing an appropriate carwash subscription.

Lava Application

Lava is a cleaning solution that can be used to cleanse, purify, and protect auto paint. It not only gives a vehicle an enhanced shine but also protects it from weathering, physical trauma, and the like.

You can apply lava to your vehicle yourself. However, it might be easier to just have it applied when you’re having your car washed.

Fortunately, many carwashes offer lava application services. Some even include it in their carwash subscriptions. So, if you want a rain shield and a drying agent all at the same time, consider getting a subscription carwash featuring a lava application.

Carnauba Wax Application

Carnauba wax offers a variety of benefits to automobiles. Not only does it give them a glossy shine but also protects them from dust and other airborne particles. In doing so, it keeps vehicles cleaner for longer and thus reduces the need for carwashes.

In addition, carnauba wax reduces friction with items that might make contact with the vehicle. By doing this, it reduces the risk of scratches and dents arising.

You’re advised to apply carnauba wax to your vehicle every 3 months, at the very least. If you wish, you can have this included in your carwash subscription.

Rust Inhibitor Application

The body of your vehicle is coated with paint that protects it from oxidation. The undercarriage of your vehicle, however, isn’t. Over time, the components that form your vehicle’s undercarriage will rust; this might eventually force their replacement.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do to reduce the risk of undercarriage rusting. You can apply a rust inhibitor to your vehicle’s undercarriage. This is a liquid substance that, when dry, provides months of consistent rust protection.

If you want rust inhibitor applied to your vehicle’s undercarriage on a regular basis, you should purchase a carwash subscription that includes undercarriage carwash services. You can find such a subscription right here with the best carwash Pittsburgh has to offer.

Spot-free Rinse

The last service we’ll discuss is spot-free rinse. This is rinsing done with completely purified water. This water is purified by a reverse osmosis system, leaving it without chemicals, minerals, and other contaminants.

You generally won’t get a spot-free rinse at home, as reverse osmosis water is expensive to obtain. But by purchasing a carwash subscription, you’ll get it every time you clean your car.

5. You’ll Never Have to Worry About Your Car Going Dirty

It doesn’t take long for a car to get dirty. In most cases, you’re not going to make it over a month without visible dirt appearing.

The issue is that, in some cases, you might not have the money to wash your car in a prompt manner. This is because you might not allocate money toward carwashes and might not have the necessary cash when cleaning time comes.

When you purchase a carwash subscription, however, you do allocate money towards carwashes. You make it a part of your monthly budget. As a result, you always have the option to wash your car; you never have to worry about whether you have the funds necessary to do so.

This ensures a clean car every hour of every day. It guarantees that your vehicle will be washed on a regular basis. The key is to find a carwash near you.

6. You’ll Conserve Physical Energy

Another benefit of getting a subscription carwash is that you’ll conserve physical energy. This is because you’ll never have to wash your car on your own. You’ll always be able to take it to your chosen carwash for cleaning.

See, washing a car can be a strenuous activity. It involves a lot of reaching over, bending down, and contorting one’s body. It also involves a good deal of scrubbing.

You will feel worn out after washing your vehicle. It might even have a negative impact on the rest of your day.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just take your vehicle to a carwash and let someone else handle the task for you? In doing so, you wouldn’t even have to lift a finger.

7. You Can Back Out at Any Time

Worried that investing in a carwash subscription is going to leave you stuck in a contract that you can’t get out of? Worry not! Here at Drake’s Carwash, you can back out of your carwash subscription at any time.

As long as you do so before the monthly payment due date, you won’t have to pay that month or any month after. This allows for incredible flexibility.

And just because you canceled your subscription doesn’t mean you can’t start it back up again. You can start and cancel your subscription as needed, allowing you to save extra money when times are tough.

8. You’ll Receive Professional-level Services

Washing a car seems simple on the surface. After all, you just apply soap and water and push it around a bit, right?

That might do a reasonably good job. However, it pales in comparison to the job that can be done. This is where a professional carwash service comes into the picture. When you have your vehicle washed at a carwash, you get professional-level services.

As such, every inch of your vehicle will be adequately cleaned. Top-grade solutions will be applied, and you’ll be left with as clean a vehicle as you can imagine.

Looking for a Carwash Subscription in Pittsburgh PA?

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